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We would like to thank you for visiting Religeo.com and taking your
valuable time to leave us a feedback
Your feedback will certainly help us improve this site
and will encourage us.
Thank you.

* Congratulations. May Allah Almighty reward you for your efforts.
- Dean -
Thank you
* This website is in one word wonderful. Thank you we are waiting for more...
May God bless you and your work.
- Ibrahim -
Thank you, your feedback is encouraging for us
* i like your service i think it was very needed but could u show the ayah
number when listing the search results so that when we click the link of
the surah we know where to go
Thank you, Certainly we will work on this request
Your request has been completed. In addition to displaying the ayah number,
We are now taking you to the correct page with clicked section highlighted.
There are few area still needs to be tuned. We will do it as time permits.
Thanks again.

* Everything is wonderful ,except that in certain
places there were only short pieces of the verse refering to the word that
was being looked for.It did not give a complete reference as to the entire verse.
Thank you. If you meant the search word or the sentences, the search is done through the
weight of the word in the database. But we will certainly try our best to improve it